Lectures by Melanie Urban

Sample Lecture Topics

  • History and culture over 4,000 years, from the Harappan culture into the 20th century
  • Gandhara and Greek influence, courtesy of the armies of Alexander the Great
  • Cultural and artistic highlights of the great empires, including the Gupta dynasty and the Mughals
  • Art, including painting, sculpture, and architecture
  • Technologies, including metalworking and textile weaving
  • Major philosophies, origins and practice, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam
  • International relations within Asia and beyond, including immigrations and invasions from Central Asia and the Islamic empire
  • Impact of trade routes by sea from the Roman period through the Age of Discovery
  • Trade and colonization under the British

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  • Art and Faith
  • China
  • Crusades and the military orders
  • Europeans in Asia
  • India
  • Islamic world
  • Japan
  • Persia
  • Silk Road
  • Southeast Asia
  • More about Melanie Urban