Islamic World

Lectures by Melanie Urban

Sample Lecture Topics

  • Rise of Islam and creation of empire in the 7th century
  • History of the spread of Islam across Asia and North Africa, and into Spain
  • Rise and fall of states within the Islamic world
  • Artistic and cultural legacies, adopted and created
  • Islamic art, defined and illustrated, religious and secular, including painting, calligraphy, and architecture
  • Technologies, including metalwork, ceramics
  • Major tenets of the faith
  • Role of trade within and beyond the Islamic world, including Silk Roads across Asia and sea routes from the Mediterranean into the Indian Ocean and farther east

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  • Art and Faith
  • China
  • Crusades and the military orders
  • Europeans in Asia
  • India
  • Islamic world
  • Japan
  • Persia
  • Silk Road
  • Southeast Asia
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