Silk Road

Lectures by Melanie Urban

Sample Lecture Topics

  • Trade from the Mediterranean to the Pacific across Asia over 2,000 years
  • Art along the routes, as well as at each end
  • Flow of ideas, including religions and technologies
  • Rise and fall of nations affected by the trade routes, including the Roman empire, China, Byzantium, the Islamic empire, the Vikings, and the Mongols, among others
  • Trading centers in Central Asia, beginning in the 1st millennium BCE, including fabled Samarqand and the cities founded by Alexander the Great, and many others
  • Chinese hegemony in Central Asia
  • Rise of the Islamic empire and its affect on international trade
  • Impact of the Crusades on the Middle East and Europe
  • Aftermath of the plague of the 14th century
  • The rise of the Italian city states
  • Causes of the demise of the land routes across Asia

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  • Art and Faith
  • China
  • Crusades and the military orders
  • Europeans in Asia
  • India
  • Islamic world
  • Japan
  • Persia
  • Silk Road
  • Southeast Asia
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