Crusades and the military orders

Lectures by Melanie Urban

Sample Lecture Topics

  • Genesis of the Crusades in Europe
  • The Holy Land and its importance during the first millennium
  • The Islamic empire during the first millennium, and itscontrol of the Levant
  • Rise of the Crusader knights
  • Role of the military orders in the Holy Land
  • Comparisons between European conquerors and Islamic rulers
  • Crusader art
  • The end of the Latin East and its legacy
  • The Templars and their destruction
  • The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem (the Hospitallers, the Knights of Malta)

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  • China
  • Crusades and the military orders
  • Europeans in Asia
  • India
  • Islamic world
  • Japan
  • Persia
  • Silk Road
  • Southeast Asia
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